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Oriental rug with ornamental pattern.

Need Your Area Rugs Cleaned?

Area rugs most often represent a significant investment in the beauty of your home, and are sometimes even family treasures passed from one generation to another. For these reasons, both expertise and care are needed to keep your valuable rugs maintained. If you're looking for highest quality and reliable service for area rug cleaning in the Las Vegas area look no further than Jay's!

Our Steps to Great Rug Cleaning

  1. Answer your call and arrive on schedule prepared to do an outstanding rug cleaning.
  2. Thoroughly examine the rugs you need cleaned, listening to your concerns and taking note of the manufacturing style of the rug and types of material it is made of, as well as any stains and particularly problematic areas.
  3. Offer the most honest and reasonable service price possible and verify your agreement.
  4. Pre-treat the rug with our professional rug cleaning agents, and those most suitable for the type of rug.
  5. Bring in the RotoVac Power Wand steam cleaner and proceed to thoroughly clean your rug, deep into the fibers, with thousands of brushing rotations every minute. This includes the fringe and any particularly difficult stains. You may be amazed at how quickly your rug springs t new life, all the vibrant colors and patterns showing their true glory once again.
  6. Some stains and dirt may require special treatment and some rugs may require special, more delicate cleaning materials.
  7. Once your rug is clean we can apply 3M Scotch Guard stain protectors if requested to help keep your rugs beauty better maintained over time. If needed we can also treat with special deodorizers for pet odors, cigarette smoke and more.
  8. Last step - allow to dry and enjoy your clean, fresh, renewed and sanitized area rug! If needed we can blow dry for an additional charge.

Customer Testimonials

Great Rug Cleaning

January 1, 2014

5/5 stars

"I called on Jay's for upholstery cleaning and an area rug and I couldn't be happier with the results. The one very large bamboo area rug came out looking so good I had them do two more smaller ones. All look and smell great now. You definitely don't realize how dirty those things get until you get someone to clean them! On that same note I have six dining room chairs that were given to us second hand along with a dining set. I actually thought the chair upholstery was grey but once Jay got a hold on it I see now that they are really white! Excellent job. I have already scheduled for Jay to come back next month for carpet cleaning and will eventually get the car detailed. This is a great company, honest, friendly staff and know what they are doing. Good to know so recommend to others in the Las Vegas area."

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Freshly cleaned area rug on wood floor.

Our powerful, yet gentle, rug cleaning system penetrates deep into your rug threads to remove embedded dirt and stains.

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Why you need good rug cleaning

Beautiful oriental rug in home near couch and formal chairs.

Most area rugs, whether Oriental, domestic, Italian, wool, bamboo, are built to last with durable materials and tightly woven threads and fibers that are also designed to make their beautiful patterns stand out. But at the same time this high quality of construction can tighly trap dust, dirt, oils, allergens, pet dander, germs, microbes and other substances. While regular vacuuming helps, it is simply not powerful enough to loosen and remove everything that gets trapped in your rugs. Since this happens slowly over time, you may not notice how much the colors in your rug have faded as a result. Only a deep, professional rug cleaning with the right tools and chemicals can restore your rugs original beauty, freshen and sanitize and Jay's Mobile Detail & Carpet Cleaning will bring those to the job.

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