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The RotoVac Powerwand carpet steam cleaner
Carpet Cleaning In Las Vegas
Cleaning Carpet Stains
Carpet cleaning for pet stains, odors, dander.

Need the Best Carpet Cleaner?

While a regular, daily vacuuming is an effective method of cleaning up some dirt, crumbs and debris from your carpet, it cannot remove oily soils, stains and particles that build up over time from such things as high traffic, cooking vapors, dirt tracked in from outdoors by kids and pets, and the high amount of sticky dry dust that is carried on the wind as part of our normal Las Vegas climate. Even with shoes removed regularly, these unavoidable contaminants will cause your carpet to grow dull over time beneath a steady build up of dirt that is difficult to remove. Beyond this type of dirt dust and soil, carpet fibers can become a haven for germs, allergens, mold and bacteria. The only solution to these problems is a regular deep, professional cleaning, and Jay's Mobile Detail & Carpet Cleaning is prepared and equipped to give you the best carpet cleaning available in Las Vegas? Our state-of-the-art RotoVac steam cleaning system, unique professional-grade cleaning chemicals and compounds (that are also safe for kids and pets), and our decades of experience cleaning every type of Las Vegas home, apartment or business, will get your carpets looking, smelling and feeling like new in no time, restoring health and beauty to your home.

Las Vegas Local Family-Owned

Plush carpeting and fibers

As a locally owned and operated, family-owned business we are NOT one of those companies looking to fool you with a "Bait and Switch" - quoting unrealistically low prices to get in your home, and then adding a bunch of "extras" that should have been included in the first place. What we quote is what you pay and we wil always be up front about what it will really take to get your carpeting cleaning. Our goal is simple: make every new client a customer for life! By offering GREAT carpet cleaning services at an affordable price. Call us!

What Is RotoVac?

RotoVac Carpet Cleaner

How do we get your carpets so clean? We use the RotoVac Powerwand. What is RotoVac? Powerful top-of-the-line carpet cleaning equipment that uses dual high torque motors to spin its two stainless steel rotary heads equipped with numerous vacuum slots and spray jets at a speed of 250rpm. The result when applied to your carpeting? Up to 1500 cleaning passes per minute in all directions, penetrating deep down in and throughout the fibers extracting dirt, oil, debris, allergens, germs and bacteria and leaving your carpets in "like new" condition. Call for your first RotoVac carpet cleaning today!

The Best Carpet Cleaning Uses Hot Water Extraction

If you're looking only for a quick (and expensive) carpet cleaning solution, then "chem dry" carpet cleaning is certainly an option. But what you will find with chem dry is that in a matter of days stains and soiling that looked like it was gone for good . . . starts to come back! This is because chemical carpet dry cleaning usually only gets the surface fibers of your carpet clean. Only hot water extraction is effective enough to penetrate deep into your carpeting to reach dirt and oils that are trapped beneath the surface, loosening them up with powerful heat and removing them for good in the extraction process, leaving your carpets truly clean and fresh for a long time to come. We believe in our carpet cleaning methods, and will make you a believer too!

In a Rush? We Can Speed Dry

Since the water we use is very hot, and the Las Vegas climate is exceptionally dry, dry times after carpet cleaning are generally not too long. However, if you're in a rush we can speed dry your carpeting with powerful, heated air-blowers for an additional charge.

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Carpet Stains & Spills

Las Vegas Carpet Cleaner

Jay's Mobile Detail & Carpet Cleaning can remove most heavy spills and stains on carpets in your home or business. If you need heavy-duty cleaning, or simple, basic maintenance, we are here to help you restore your carpets as much as possible. We know that not all stains can be completely removed, but we keep in constant communication with you, so you know what to expect.

Our Las Vegas based carpet cleaning team will diagnose your toughest stains to give an estimate on how much of the stain can be removed. Then, our technicians will get to work using the RotoVac carpet cleaning system. Call us today to give it a try.

Complete House Carpet Cleaning

Complete House Carpet Cleaning

If you need just one room or all of the carpets in your entire home cleaned, we have you covered. Even with hard to reach places, like stairs, we take great care in making sure the job is done right. We take the time needed and pay attention to the details to ensure your high traffic areas look great. All of the cleaning agents that we use are non-toxic, safe and friendly on your carpet fibers.

For professional cleaning, you have found the company to rely upon. Check out our special offers and discounts.

Moving In & Moving Out

Carpet Cleaning For Moving

Are you moving in or out of your home or apartment? Maybe relocating a business? We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that even your last minute carpet cleaning needs are covered. We know moving can be hectic and the carpets being clean and presentable is a very important step. We offer quick scheduling to work around your moving schedule.

Smells, odors and pet dander will be removed as we clean your carpets to a shine. If you have a move coming up, give us a call so we can answer some basic questions. We are happy to help.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeet cleaners, Las Vegas office.Jay's Mobile Detail & Carpet Cleaning is ready to provide top quality services for any size job! Don't spoil your business' professional image or keep customers from coming back or sending others to you becasue of dirty or poorly maintained carpets. Get the best commercial carpet cleaning services at the best price with the most powerful equipment with Jay's! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we're here to keep your place of business clean, healthy and looking it's best! Call us for the best in Las Vegas commercial carpet cleaning.

Customer Testimonials

Better Carpet Cleaning

December 11, 2012

5/5 stars

"I promised my mom I would pay for her carpets to be cleaned since I was going to have mine done as well. I tried to schedule both of us with another company but she went ahead and scheduled with Jay's Carpet Cleaning without my knowing it. She refused to cancel because the person was so nice on the phone and she also insisted it would be a better price than I was getting. So I said fine, whatever, we'll see how they do and then compare. There really wasn't any comparison. I would say I received a decent carpet cleaning. But her's with Jay's was excellent. Where mine was okay, her's was outstanding. What's more, my guys arrived late while Jay's arrived a little early. And, it was a better price! So, while I got the short end of the deal, once again there is the old advice: listen to your mother. And I'm happy she got a great carpet cleaning, but next time I will be doing the same."

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