Las Vegas Auto Detailing – Save 10% First Time Customers

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Complete auto detaiing 10% off, first time customers only, interior and exterior cleaning, upholstery cleaning, cars, trucks, vans and more.The sun is starting to shine brightly as the weather warms up in Las Vegas and this is the time of year to get out and do something, driving with the windows rolled down, enjoying the outdoors, taking a trip to Red Rock or Lake Mead or Mt. Charleston or of course . . . the Strip.

But no one wants to go out in a dirty car! And this is about having fun, not about weekend chores you don’t want to do (like cleaning the car with a garden hose, a trash can, some Windex and an old rag). And it’s certainly not about driving through town with dirt and embarrassment. No! Skip the hassle and get your vehicle detailed not only by a professional, but the best in town, baby! And to help you out, we’re going to save you 10%, especially if you are a first time Las Vegas auto detailing customer.

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Call us for complete professional auto detailing and we’ll be on the scene with our powerful tools and experienced crew to get your car, truck, van, SUV looking like new again. Interior and exterior wash, spot free rinse, buffing and polishing, interior upholstery  and carpet cleaning, wheels and tires, mirrors and windows! If you’re really feeling it, we can also steam clean your engine!

So pick up the phone, or hit the button above to use our web contact form. You car is your baby, baby  . . . and we’re here to keep her looking, feeling and driving – sweet!