Carpet Cleaning for Pet Stains and Pet Odors

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Cute dog on carpeting.Hey, Las Vegas, we know you love your pets! But as pet owners ourselves – in addition to being valley carpet cleaning professionals - we also know Fido, Rover and Ms Kitty can be the source of unexpected, and unwanted, carpet stains and odors. Whether it be from an occasional accident or illness, getting into something messy outside, old age or simply lack of house training, pet stains on your carpeting can be unsightly and pet odors trapped in your carpeting can be unpleasant to live with every day. Both can even become havens for germs and bacteria, threatening the health of your family, and quite simply carpet pet stains and odors can be embarrassing, So, what do you do?

The “Quick Fixes”

Well, for the stains left in your carpets you can always move some furniture to hide it . . . but of course, later on down the line you might want to move things around again. For odors you can open up the windows and hope some fresh air will eventually dry it all out and carry it away. Of course, if you’ve lived in the Las Vegas valley for any amount of time you know that there may not be many opportunities to leave your windows open year round – with the summer heat, and the winter wind and cold. A little Lysol or a scented candle can help for a while, but these will also hardly solve the problem.

Store Bought Pet Stain & Odor Cleaning Solutions

Two hands with rubber gloves and sponge attempt to clean carpet pet stain with store-bought cleaning spray bottle.With the quick fixes unsatisfactory maybe it’s time to head to the store and see what they have for your problem. There are any number of consumer carpet cleaning products on the market and many more marketed especially for pet stains and pet odors. If you only have a small problem some of these products might actually work. Be sure to follow the directions though, “test for colorfastness”(you could be sorry if you don’t) and as the saying goes – blot, don’t scrub! While there are certainly some instances where these types of products might help, they are most often much more hype than real solution. And if your pet problem is especially large or been there for a while, these products are essentially useless.

Consumer Carpet Cleaning Machines

A closeup of pet dirt and stain trapped deep in fibers of carpeting.Having failed to find something that will work in the pet isle at the store or even at the pet store, you might consider a trip to your local retailer to purchase a home carpet cleaning machines. Once again, there are any number of consumer home carpet cleaners on the market. Some are not much more than a cheap gimmick, while others are more expensive and can even be quite good. Just as with the store-bought pet cleaning solutions mentioned above, the right home carpet cleaning machine could provide an acceptable solution, depending on the type of carpeting in your home and the extent of your pet problem.

But more often than not, these store-bought carpet cleaning machines are only powerful enough to skim the surface of your carpeting, leaving the true heart of the matter – the pet stains and accompanying odors, germs and bacteria still trapped deep in your carpet fibers and padding. It’s also true that while a home carpet cleaning machine can indeed provide a quick solution, it will never be suitable for cleaning your entire homes carpeting deeply, evenly and as a whole.

Rental Carpet Cleaning Machines

Exhausted housewife kneels on carpeting next to rental carpet cleaning machine.In the never-ending quest to rid your carpeting of those unsightly pet stains and unpleasant odors, you might take a step up to  the power of a rental carpet cleaning machine. Depending on which type you use, these machines can have the power and capacity to penetrate beneath your carpets surface and more thoroughly clean the affected areas. (Again, depending on which machine you use.)

Rental carpet cleaning machines, however, are often far more expensive than expected when reading their advertising. ( . . . only 24.00 per day! . . . plus the patented cleaning solution you MUST use for another $25, plus the special pet stain/odor pre-treatment for another $25, plus the spot-treatment wand, another $15, plus the $50 deposit, another $25 for late return, etc.). Moreover, these types of carpet cleaning machines generally hold very little water. So depending on the extent of your carpet cleaning problems, you might only get a few square feet out of each fill of the tank. Between the number of trips it will take to clean your carpets evenly (do you really want to replace a stain with one unusually clean spot?), back and forth to the sink to fill with hot water, back and forth to the toilet to empty, the sore back from using, not to mention the hassle of renting, using, cleaning and returning in the first place,  . . . you will probably be pretty exhausted after the endeavor. After a while, it’s time to do what you simply should have done in the first place: call a carpet cleaning professional.

Las Vegas Professional Carpet Cleaning for Pet Stains & Odors

Jay's Mobile Detail & Carpet Cleaning, Las Vegas, NV.What the professional carpet cleaner can bring to your pet problems is like nothing else. For starters, it may even cost less in the end than all the money you’ve spent trying the above solutions (products from the store and pet store, carpet cleaning machines, rental carpet cleaners, etc.) A simple phone call is also a lot easier than straining your back or scrubbing on your hands and knees.

At Jay’s Mobile Detail & Carpet Cleaning, we also bring only the most powerful tools, cleaning agents and proven methods to the job. Starting with a thorough assessment of your most difficult areas we use powerful pre-treatments and carpet cleaning detergents not available to consumers. Our carpet cleaning system makes the most of these with equally powerful and effective hot water extraction and thousands of brush rotations each minute, reaching deep down into your carpet fibers and padding, loosening dirt, stains and odor causing bacteria, removing it at its source and sanitizing in the process. For especially difficult  stains and odors special treatments are available, as well as other stain removal treatments after. To help keep control of any pet problems long term, we can also apply stain resistors to your carpeting that will go a long way to preventing it from ever getting so bad again.

Call Jay’s (702) 480-8682

So what are you waiting for? Forget the hassle, the headache, the back ache and heart ache, and get your carpets as clean as they can be! No matter what type of pet you have, we’ll be on the job to help you get your carpeting clean, and keep your home feeling like new again.