Las Vegas Carpet Cleaning Move Out Special – Save 10%

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Carpet Cleaning move out special, save 10%. Deep Clean all carpeting Wall-to-wall, room-to-room. Special stain treatments available. Special odor treatments available.Move Out Carpet Cleaning? – Call Now (702) 480-8682

So you landed that new home. And it doesn’t matter  whether it’s a home, apartment, town home or condo rental, or whether you’ve purchased your dream home; you love it, you’re excited and your ready to move in.

Trouble is, the more you start packing and moving things out of your old place, the more you realize . . . whoa! this place is dirty! No matter how reasonably or even spotlessly clean you might have maintained it, once you move that dresser you see the carpet underneath is just . . . cleaner!

First off, don’t feel too bad. Fact of the matter is any home will accumulate dust and dirt naturally, just by being lived in. But that also doesn’t change the fact that you’re moving, your tired, your excited to get out for good  . . . but this place just needs to be cleaned!

Well, we’re here to help you out!

Movers Carpet Cleaning Special

If you’re moving out of your house, apartment, condo or town home, we’re going to offer you a 10% discount on getting your carpets wall-to-wall deep cleaned. If you’re counting on getting a deposit back from a rental, or are planning on selling your home and need it in top condition, our carpet cleaning services can remove dust, dirt, allergens and more and we have special treatments available for spots and stains as well as for odors, whether they be from pets, kids, an accidental spill, or simply high traffic.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to take advantage of these special carpet cleaning savings no matter where you are located throughout the Las Vegas valley.

Need More Help Cleaning?

Our available deep cleaning services don’t stop with the carpets alone. If you have tile and grout that needs cleaning before you move out of your old home we are on the job for that as well. Our tile and grout cleaning gets deep into pores loosens and removes dirt and stains and can leave your floors looking like new.

Give us a call now (702) 480-8682